Sound Masking

Sound Masking

Top-Quality Sound Masking Systems

With Delcon Electric's sound masking system, your conversations are no longer intelligible beyond the immediate area and are kept private.

What is Sound Masking?

Many people talk about the idea of sound masking, but few understand what it means. Sound masking is the technique of adding white noise to space in order to cover intrusive sounds or conversations. While the hissing of full-spectrum white noise can itself be annoying, a good sound masking system produces a barely noticeable background noise, similar to the gentle "whooshing" sound of a fan or an air conditioner.
When sound masking is used effectively, surrounding conversations are no longer intelligible beyond the immediate area. This is what we call "speech privacy," where speech and conversations are kept private by masking them for people who are not a part of the discussions. Sound masking can also cover unwanted noises like ringing phones or car noise outside.
It is important to understand that sound masking is not the same as noise cancellation. While noise cancellation headphones and microphones are available, this technology is not currently practical or cost-effective for private office space.

Benefits of Sound Masking in Your Office

Sound masking systems are used all over the U.S. to improve privacy and sound quality at government agencies, medical facilities, and standard office buildings. Sound masking has incredible advantages for any office setting, especially in open floor plans with cubicles. Here are two of the top benefits of our VoiceArrest Sound Masking System:

1. Decrease distractions and increase productivity at work: 

Did you know that an average office worker loses up to two hours a day to interruptions and distractions? Consider the number of people who bring their headphones to work in an attempt to block outside sound! Sound masking can cover all the excess noise and non-related conversations that constantly bombard cubical workers. This can increase productivity in the office and decrease the stress of your workers.
2. Improve confidentiality and privacy:
Have you ever overheard a conversation that you knew you should not have? Or wish you would not have? Whether the head of HR department has a voice that carries too well through the paper-thin walls or the guy in the cubical next door is trying to make a confidential phone call, sound masking can help create speech privacy. A quality speech privacy system can create two different zones or areas of white noise – one in the office and the other in the open space – to effectively mask conversations without noise buildup in smaller offices.
The effective use of white noise in a workplace blocks background conversations and distractions, increasing concentration and productivity. Office-wide speech privacy systems provide effective privacy and confidentiality while reducing office distractions.
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